Friday, June 28, 2013

Some HOUSE work going on at the green mansion
Here we have dad and "son" working on tiles.
It sort of looks like they are doing some weird yoga doesn't it?
I was teasing Trevor that he really looked like that. 
It was great having his help, and some good father son time for them.

Think someones back was getting tired?

Meanwhile the flowers are flowering nicely and I hope to get some more good pictures of them all.
This particular basket was given to me by some lovely ladies I work with.
My clinic sites were combined so I will no longer be working at their site to do my records and they said they will miss me.
Gosh I miss them already too!
Just a picture of the gardens as a sort of before, I plan to take pictures throughout the summer again to see how much things grow and fill in.

These planters are already much fuller and lovelier.

The big guy and I are headed out for a week long camping trip and leaving the cat babies and the plants in the charge of the lovely Miss V.