Wednesday, July 9, 2014

30th Anniversary

Thirty years ago I was at my parents home preparing for Keith and Terry's wedding.
It was to be a very small family wedding, the big guy was working so I was there with 8 month old daughter number 1. Mom and I prepared the food for a brunch reception, and I convinced Terry to wear moms wedding dress.  It was a very simple ivory tea length embroidered satin.  I braided Terry's short hair into a wreath around the back of her head and then pinned it with little pink ribbons.  We made her bouquet from flowers from moms many flower beds, a few pink roses and some little daisies and greens.  After the wedding ceremony at the small neighborhood church we came back to the house for the reception.  Terry was sitting at the table with Jes on her lap, she let her pull the bows out of her hair, and then the braids until her hair was flying all over and they both were laughing and laughing, and Keith was just sitting there shaking his head and giving them his patented grin.
Always the grin with him.