Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Well, apparently we have somehow gone through the Wardrobe and landed in
Narnias never ending winter.
We got at least 5 more inches yesterday, and with the wind today, the driveway was blown shut again
about 15 minutes after our wonderful neighbor plowed us out.
Timidity and reason being the better part of valor, I will be staying home
today and doing double duties tomorrow.

Which means, back to "The Room of Happiness and Creativity"
But obviously I won't be lonely in that special room. 
Several furry beings love to keep me company there.
Also, I am in the process of reviving my Bag Lady shop.
I am working diligently on my inventory so I can have a really good booth at a craft fair next spring


I love them

I love making them

I love giving them

I love experimenting with patterns for them

And I really love using them
In 3 more sleeps I'll be back here.
St Anthony's.

I wish spring would come, but no matter.  I love everything about
St Anthony's retreats
even when we are totally snowed inside, like this picture from about 5 years ago
also in March.
I have much to pray about, much to be grateful for and much to think about.
I just wish the weekends had an extra day between Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Will this winter ever end?
The weatherman, who no one likes anymore, says more snow this afternoon and tonight..
more coming on Monday.  Could be a "significant amount"
Which, in reality means...
they have no idea.
Most of us are hoping a "significant amount" is actually significant in the fact that it will be
oh we can dream can't we?
Then to add insult to injury, he points out that
 "last year on this day the temperature was 75!"
Gosh that sure helps the attitude, when today the temperature is 17!
Could someone out west where it is warm please send some warm dry sunny air our direction?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Goodbye February

My February wall quilt is a puffy snowman I made years ago.
I like getting him out when I put the Christmas things away. 
I get out some other snowman decorations too.
But as February lengthens......... how can it be the shortest month???
We at the Green house get a bit tired of the snow theme

Last week we were supposed to get 1 -2 inches...

We got 14
14 more inches of white stuff
Getting pretty tired of that sort of thing.

I bought some turnips last week for roasting
but seeing their pretty GREEN GROWING tops I
can't seem to bring my self to cut them up.
ANYthing growing right now has my undivided attention!


I didn't have that problem with the tomatoes and the avocados however.
They are gone!