Friday, March 28, 2014

Where does time go

Not Why does time go so fast, but where does it go?  Where does it all end up when we run out of it?
These two wonderful gentleman finished their time.
My dad and my brother.
One had a long full life and one had so much of his life ahead of him.  So many things left undone and left unsaid.
When we were growing up my dad was not a quiet man, if he was angry everyone knew it, but he loved us and we knew that too.  Keith on the other hand, was one of the quietest men I ever knew.  Come to think of it, my other brother is a quiet man too.  I wonder if it skips a generation?  Quietly good, that's what I think when I think of Keith.  Not a mean bone in his body, not a cruel thought in his head.  A wickedly dry sense of humor, and a darn good cribbage game.
I have no regrets about the manner in which we all ever said goodbye, we all aways said "love you"
and meant it.  Yet so many regrets for the time unspent by Keith.
Time with his wife and daughters that meant the world to him.
Time with his two beautiful granddaughters.
His first granddaughter, and his first time seeing and holding her.
He was visiting his daughters in California and texted me this wonderful picture because I hadn't ever met this sweet little peanut.
His youngest granddaughter, loving grampa too.
This was just days before he left us.
My wonderful sister in law texted this one to me.
I'm so grateful for all the texts between us, and yet that is one of the things I miss most.
With me in WI and him in Maryland, I would always let him know when it snowed or was "snot freezing cold" because he totally understood that!
We would text through football games with our favorite team, we would text just to stay in touch.
It never failed to make me smile to see his name pop up on my phone, and he invariably started with "hi lil sis"
He never called me that growing up, so it made me smile an awful lot now. 
I already miss him more than I could have imagined.

I hope he is playing cribbage with dad.  There must be cribbage in heaven right?