Monday, February 25, 2013

Gulf of Mexico, Biloxi Mississippi

My first visit to the Gulf of Mexico...

Sadly, the big guys only aunt died on Valentines day.
We flew down with my lovely mother in law for a few days to attend the funeral.

Despite the occasion, all three of us enjoyed some time away from WI winter weather

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Spring Fever at the Nest

If I didn't have spring fever after buying the camper I certainly have it NOW!
Last week I did a very ungraceful splits move in an icy parking lot.
As you may guess, that is not a move for someone over the age of 40.  Or even for someone staring 50 in the back of the head
I have bruises where bruises should not be..... and they seem to grow every day.
Still, it could be worse, no broken bones, only stretched and torn muscle tissue. 
Gosh, how luck does that sound?

Physical Therapy here I come!
And all the while I am dreaming dreaming dreaming of spring.............

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Spring Fever at it's worst!

 A few weekends ago, the big guy and I attended a camper show and ordered a brand new camper!  Hold on a minute, I need to get my butt back on my seat, these involuntary happy dances that overwhelm me when I think about OUR NEW CAMPER!!! We have been talking about moving on from our "sleeps 8 pop up camper" since we are basically empty nesters at this point.  Plus, there is very little set up with a hard side camper and the awning is easy to set up too!  This one comes with a refrigerator AND a freezer! Well, the pop up had a fridge too, but in reality it was a bit tough to reach it, since it was so low.  Usually a person (moi) had to sort of lay down on the floor and curve around the edge of it to see what was in the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back.  Usually there was something icky in the way back by the time we were done camping... green hot dogs, gray cheese....  why was it never a misplaced Hershey bar?  Now we get to go look through thrift shops, ( my favorite place to shop) to find small pots and baking sheets for the little stove and oven too!  Spring fever is hitting hard at the Green house.  Very very hard.
Perhaps I can bury myself in my studies and get my mind of of a certain really cool camper...
On that note, my only class this semester is "Using and Understanding Mathematics, A Quantitative Reasoning Approach"
now doesn't THAT sound like fun?
yeah, right.  I'll let you know!