Monday, June 23, 2014

Fighting our Way Back

Well we are fighting our way back from last summers tornado.
The yarden won't ever be the same, but I'm learning that it's okay. 
Different isn't bad, just different.
The quality isn't awesome on these, as I said before we have had
tons of rain and fog here all month.

In fact, the joke at work is "how do you like living in Seattle?"

Still, the plants seem to be doing all right, though I'm concerned about a few of the large pots
rotting from the bottoms because they are just too heavy for me to tip the water out!

The washtub was rescued from under the milk house roof last week.
It's not really that much worse for the wear.  We used to
use it for icing beverages for parties on the porch, but it's kind of funky in the bottom after sitting under the roof and hay bales for almost a year. 
So I got the brilliant idea to plant it. I'll take more pictures as those
sweet potato vines grow.  I have lots of confidence in them!
And as you see, they have Metro guarding them.
Yes, that's his name.  See, he is a....
Metro Gnome.
kind of.

White roses from my mothers front yard where I grew up.  They smell soooo wonderful.
You just can not imagine how lovely that aroma is.

And here is part of my Fathers Day project.
The big guy had to leave for Florida again at 6 am Fathers Day morning.
At around 10 am I got a tearful call from the oldest daughter.  One of their ferrets had died.
They knew it was coming and had talked to dad about burying her in our yard since
they live in an apartment.
He forgot to tell me.
So We made a nice little spot in one of the flower beds for Molly.
Since dad wasn't around, I pulled Father duty.
It's okay, I'm flexible like that.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A foggy wet June

It's been pretty damp, foggy, windy, and wet in our part of the Wisconsin world so far this "summer"
When it's not actually raining or drizzling I've been attempting to win back
the yardens from last summers tornado.
Some progress has indeed been made. 
When it's too unfriendly to be outside I've been attempting catch up in my
Sewing Room Of Happiness
Lots of mending and fixing, and projects that have been promised

A Kindle case for Miss V.  

A table runner request from a friend.
Zeller was so very helpful that night.
The beginnings of a baby quilt

The top is finished, and I'm pretty pleased with it.
Some blueberry lemonade to stay hydrated.

And that's it for the moment, but as it's too foggy to even see across the road today, there will probably be more time spent in my
Sewing Room Of Happiness
today also.
(I usually say it in a radio personality voice)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The day after I arrived in Palm Springs we drove across the state to visit a
fabulous friend.
Look!  The famous "Kiss" statue! 
Under a Palm Tree.
 See that bridge waaaaaaaaaaaaay off in the distance?
We're going to cross that, now that we paid the toll

It is the biggest bridge I have ever been on in my life, it goes
on and on forever! 
AND, it only cost us $1.25!
What a deal!!

See that red truck behind us?
That just might be the big guys dream Florida truck.
Want to know why?

It's a rag top convertible truck!
Seriously, a convertible truck, with a roll bar.
THE perfect truck for Florida!

Here we are!
 Still the best beach town in my opinion!
And, of course, there are palm trees.