Saturday, September 27, 2014

summer 2014

It has been a busy summer.  I suppose they all are and if course they always go too fast. 
I've been learning to use my smart phone,  learning to use my new laptop,  and feeling very tech un savvy. 

This girl has been keeping me on my toes.  The bug guy had to travel a lot fir work so she's been keeping it real fir me.
let me out! 
Let me in!
Why are you leaving? 
Let's go to your sewing room of happiness now! 

 Last week while camping with some good friends my unblood sister and I got matching tattoos. 
She's the pear,  I'm the apple.  
More on that later.  I hope.  I'm terrible about blogging since I lack the familiarity of my old laptop.