Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The day after I arrived in Palm Springs we drove across the state to visit a
fabulous friend.
Look!  The famous "Kiss" statue! 
Under a Palm Tree.
 See that bridge waaaaaaaaaaaaay off in the distance?
We're going to cross that, now that we paid the toll

It is the biggest bridge I have ever been on in my life, it goes
on and on forever! 
AND, it only cost us $1.25!
What a deal!!

See that red truck behind us?
That just might be the big guys dream Florida truck.
Want to know why?

It's a rag top convertible truck!
Seriously, a convertible truck, with a roll bar.
THE perfect truck for Florida!

Here we are!
 Still the best beach town in my opinion!
And, of course, there are palm trees.

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