Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Goodbye February

My February wall quilt is a puffy snowman I made years ago.
I like getting him out when I put the Christmas things away. 
I get out some other snowman decorations too.
But as February lengthens......... how can it be the shortest month???
We at the Green house get a bit tired of the snow theme

Last week we were supposed to get 1 -2 inches...

We got 14
14 more inches of white stuff
Getting pretty tired of that sort of thing.

I bought some turnips last week for roasting
but seeing their pretty GREEN GROWING tops I
can't seem to bring my self to cut them up.
ANYthing growing right now has my undivided attention!


I didn't have that problem with the tomatoes and the avocados however.
They are gone!


  1. I love turnips and have 3 in fridge I need to cook tonight for supper

    I really enjoyed all 22 inches of our snow in Missouri, It's starting to melt off now, and rain and 60 degrees for our week end , so we will have MUDD

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I have a quilt pattern of a Pug dog I need to get out

  2. Oh my goodness 14 MORE inches of snow? I bet you will be glad when spring hits your neck of the woods! That is a lot of snow. I hope the sun comes out and starts melting some of it. Cute snowman quilt.