Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It doesn't look like much does it?  But here are the more recent pictures of cleaning up, fixing up, replacing

Here is the big guy working on the holes in the garage

the windows from inside,
the old, pretty ones, with the charming wavy glass

And the new, state of the art, no wind or rain or anything is getting through these, refinance the house windows.

Not going to lie, I will miss the old widows, the little spring thingies that held them open

the pretty wavy glass

But on the plus side, they ALL open.  I realized there were 3 windows that we had NEVER opened in this house!  Next time I'll show you my new kitchen sink window.  It opens! and no cold air comes in!
Plus, the big guy knew how much I loved those old windows so he saved a few of them for me.  Now I get to plan an art project around them!  


  1. Yeah! Excited for you guys. Fresh air and clear views throughout!!!

  2. The repairs look good and the windows will be a true blessing. Wavy glass is cool, the little spring loaded catches, window weights, drafts and leaks, not so much. You will appreciate the windows any day now. Keep up the blogging!