Monday, February 17, 2014

January was just a blur of snow and cold weather here
Even these pictures are from two years ago because I can't seem to make my camera talk to my lap top.  Honestly though, even though the snow is the same this year, these are much prettier than any I could take now, see all these trees.
None of them exist anymore. 

Wait! the one in the middle here does exist yet. It's the only one around the house that is left.
I'm thrilled that ONE was saved.  The big guy is not so thrilled, he refers to it as "that stinkin Chestnut"  True it does make a dreadful mess both when the blossoms fall, because they are SUPER sticky, and when the zillions of chestnuts fall, then lose their prickery covers, then stay in the yard FOREVER.  But I don't care on whit! It's a TREE!
And it's a decent SIZE tree!

Anyway, this winter has been so looooong.  It seems like we either have frigid temps or tons of snow.
What can you expect in Wisconsin in January, I know.  I know.
It just feels now like spring is decades off. 
And we are supposed to get more snow today, again.
Time to dream about gardening, and planting flowers and shrubs and TREES all over the yard,
Oh I think I really NEED this pond and gazebo and bridge.

and perhaps this little area....

 Oh, yes, a flower seed bag to carry all my gardening ideas in!

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  1. Here it is the middle of March and it's still freezing out! I keep thinking it has to be the last day that is this cold or this has to be the last snowfall. :-) So looking forward to spring.