Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring at last?

Spring has been so reluctant to arrive here in northeast WI.
For a while I wondered if the plants knew something we didn't and they were protecting themselves,and sure enough, last week we got a light frost.
The big guy has been out of state lately for business so yours truly has been in charge of the house, yard, cats, dogs and fortunately the wine cellar.
I used his big mower for the first time last week.  I am pretty sure I did a lousy job of it, but I did get most of the tall stuff whacked back down to size.  Sometimes good enough just has to be good enough.  And not for the first time have I been deeply grateful we live in the middle of no-where instead of town or city.  Our yard is made up of what used to be a field so our lawn is timothy grass, crab grass and dandelions.  Personally I prefer the dandelions.  But from what I hear from my townie friends, their neighbors do not.  I don't know why! They are so nice and soft on bare feet and of course the first flowers of spring.  I don't mind those pretty yellow buds at all.  Each of the girls brought beautiful little bouquets of them when they were small.  Nothing beats a tiny handful of dandelions given with pride.  Especially when half of them don't have stems!  I miss those bouquets, maybe I'll go pick some for myself!  ;-) 
Meanwhile, this lovely fellow doesn't mind our damaged yarden as long as his house is available and we keep the feeders full!

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  1. I like the dandelions as well - but especially because the honey bees love them. We don't have weeds in the yard, just a yard that is a honey bee haven. And good enough is usually good enough.