Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy May Day

I wish these pretty flowers were from my yarden this year already,
but since we still have a wee bit of snow in some of the shady areas, it's not
even likely any time soon.

The grass is starting to green up, and the trees are budding.
the birds are busy with nest building so we know
it won't be too much longer.

My wrist and elbow are healing, a bit too slow for my taste, then I remind myself that
as long as I'm still healing I get to be off work.
yup, that helps! 
This past weekend we trimmed our bridal wreath hedge WAY WAAAY back
to encourage some new healthy growth, and we raked and raked the yard.
and of course by WE I mean the big guy did 99.99% of the work.
I discovered rather quickly that one armed raking is not comfortable.  My back began explaining
this to me by the next morning.
But I am nothing if not supportive.
I can hold tarps, fetch tools, make dinners, make tea and bring ibuprofen for his aching back!
I'll attempt some one handed picture taking soon. 


  1. Beautiful photos. I hope Spring isn't much longer getting to your area. The weather has been crazy this year. Hope your arm is better soon. laurie

  2. Yay for May! Kooky weather, but nice to know spring really does come eventually. I feel so lucky to have gotten a nice message from you! Hope you're mending along nicely!

  3. How wonderful to finally see signs of spring! Hope you are still enjoying your time off and that you are well enough to sew!